The goal of SID's program in the Dominican Republic is to increase the number of rural small businesses that use solar, hydroelectric, biomass or wind energy as their principal source of energy. We address this goal by helping to create a fully commercial market for renewable energy.

We help small agricultural enterprises and rural eco-tourist hotels to learn the market, suppliers, costs and benefits of solar power and other renewable energy. We also help them assess their needs for electricity and the costs of meeting them through solar and other renewable sources. We then assist small businesses as they use business plans to decide whether or not to adopt renewable energy, to obtain credit for purchasing systems, and to purchase the most advantageous system at the best price.

Electrical energy has been a major problem in the Dominican Republic for several decades. The costs for electrical energy provided through the national grid are extremely high, and there are frequent blackouts. Conversely, there are a number of suppliers that install solar systems, two suppliers manufacture solar panels, and the costs of solar panels is dropping. In addition, there are suppliers that install biomass systems for producing gas for cooking, light, and drying crops. The Dominican Republic is an ideal country in which to establish a fully commercial market for renewable energy.