Guatemalan coffee farmers were well on their way to graduating from poverty.  Then a severe attack of coffee leaf rust swept through Central America.

Before the leaf rust, SID helped farmers in the Chimaltenango region triple their productivity.  They began husking and selling their coffee directly to exporters.  And they increased their income from an average of $131 to $1,058 a year.

Then the leaf rust hit.  Leaf rust is a fungus that attaches itself to the leaves of coffee trees and stops the growth of the leaves, coffee blossoms, and fruit.  Productivity fell, the coffee cherries were too small to husk, and income fell to $520 a year. 

SID is assisting 4,402 farm families in 63 communities combat leaf rust by spraying the trees with copper sulfate and lime, pruning them to reduce humidity, and fertilizing them to make them more resistant.  In the March 2014 harvest, productivity stabilized at 10.57 quintals per 1/4 acre and average income was back up to $716 a year.

SID would like to help the farmers fully control the leaf rust and regain their footing on the path to graduating from poverty.

We spend less than $100 a year per farm family and it takes 3 to 5 years to graduate a family.  Please help the farmers regain the income they lost and get them back on the path to graduating from poverty.

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On behalf of coffee farmers and our staff in Guatemala, thank you for your support!