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Quinoa represents the best opportunity for farmers to graduate from poverty in Bolivia’s Northern Altiplano.  But they need some help graduating. 

The farmers have low productivity, 7 quintals of quinoa per hectare when they could produce 15.  They produce third quality quinoa when they could product first quality and increase their price by 50%.  For example, they thresh their quinoa on bare ground, and their quinoa has dirt and small stones in it.  In addition, the Northern Altiplano is a semi-arid plain, and farmers can erode the land if they overwork it.

SID is helping 691 farmers in 26 communities increase their productivity by sowing the seeds in furrows and using certified seed.  We are also helping them thresh their grain on plastic sheets to keep the grain free of dirt and stones.  And we assist them in rotating and fallowing their cropland to prevent erosion.

These practices have made a difference.  Farmers in the first 10 communities where we work increased their productivity from 7 to nearly 11 quintals per hectare and now produce first quality quinoa.  They also benefited from the gradual increase in the price of quinoa.  They increased their income from an average of $508 to $2,254.  They graduated from poverty and our project, and farmers in the second group of 16 communities are on their way to graduating as well.

Quinoa farmers in new communities are petitioning to join our program, and we need your support in helping them graduate from poverty.

We spend less than $100 a year per farm family and it takes 3 to 5 years to graduate a family.  Please support them with a donation to the Quinoa Project Fund.

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